We now do cats, too!

There is no way to set a standard price for a breed as each pet is maintained differently by each owner and the frequency that the pet is groomed. Generally, prices are structured by the size of the dog, condition of the coat (the degree of matting), health of the pet, behavior and style of haircut requested. The prices listed below are only an estimate… a guideline to provide a rough idea of what the final price will be.

A $20.00 service fee per pet is included in the grooming charge. Prices will not be final until the end of the groom and are dependent on the factors stated above and overall time required for the appointment.

Small (up to 20 lbs)
$ 85.00 + up*
Medium (20 lbs – 40 lbs.)
$ 95.00 + up*
Large (40 lbs – 100 lbs)
$110.00 + up
Extra Large (over 100 lbs)
To be determined


Optional Services Available:
Nail grinding
Flea and tick treatments
$ 10.00
Specialty baths (oatmeal, hypo-allergenic, etc)
$ 10.00
Teeth brushing
$ 10.00
De-matting – priced at quarter hour increments
$ 20.00

* A complete Deshedding shampoo and conditioner treatment followed by a FURminator brush-out.

A 6% Pennsylvania Sales tax will be added to the final charge.

The starting fee includes a $20.00 service charge for the first hour.

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